The Future of the Harry Potter Fan Club NYC Website is in the Process of Being Decided

Harry Potter Platform May Be Changing

Seeking to be New and Different

When it comes to this club, the most important thing is that the information provided is useful. Many aspects have changed with this website over time. We have attempted to update posts as much as is possible to reflect the activities going on. We have always worked on trying to make this site unique and different from others in the HP galaxy.

A Long History

Although this site dates back to 2013, we have lost various earlier posts. This is unfortunate because some of the most innovative work was being done back then.

The Next Step?

The Harry Potter franchise is still alive and well and provides terrific entertainment. We will be looking at feedback as we take on determining what the next phase is going to be.

Can Entrepreneurs Feel that Working on their Business is Magic and if so, what is a Post Like this One Doing on an Unofficial Fan Site Like Harry Potter Fan Club NYC?

Spaceman Attempts to Clarify

Hello. And first, I Spaceman, wants to thank you for choosing to read this blog post. That said, it may seem, understandably odd to the reader that a post about entrepreneurship would appear on an HP site. Why is it happening?

Spaceman Works Further to Illuminate

There is a reason for it and it has to do with the origin of this site in its birth back in the mid 2010s. Although the first blog of this site shows up as being June, 2018, the reality is that it started a bit earlier than that. And it was the passion project of a group of Harry Potter fans who were also getting training on becoming an entrepreneur at the media studio of a video and web creation company. It was these individuals who made this site appear as if by magic.

June 2018

The date above this paragraph was not when the site was started butwas a time when what had been an html website became a WordPress one, and in transition some of the original content was lost forever.

Participating in the Blog Coalition 5 Blog Experiment

That said, we decided to give entrepreneurship a go in honor of the individuals who made this site come into existence and now are pursuing their entrepreneurial careers.

This is Number Five and the Last Blog in the Series of Them

Okay. So, you made it to Step #5. Good for you. This next section will only work if you know the answers to the ABCs below. Please note that this is written from your perspective and should not be copied to the last detail.

How are You Different?

Why? Because your industry is going to have its own certain ways of talking about things that you hopefully can mold into something that hits your existing customer hard. That builds their desire for what you do. So, when defining how you can solve their problem, you must be clear how you are different and then let them respond to yay or nay on your newsletter.


Here is a rough idea that you will need to adjust to your industry and the specific category of what you do withing that’s industry. Again, this is only a guideline, you truly do need to come up with your own version of it.

A. My business has a better solution to your problem which is [description of what you can do for them, not how].

B. Would you like more information about this solution? I am revamping my newsletter and would love to have you as a subscriber with solutions to these kinds of issues are shared.

C. And in addition to finding those kinds of solutions, various products and services will be shared that might interest you. Either way, the info can be very helpful to you, so as I mentioned earlier. Just please return this message with a yes or no to subscribing. Thanks so much.

As Easy as ABCD.

We believe that like being Harry Potter Fans, we do see magic in entrepreneurship because “In Business You are Your Own Solution.” And this is fact, that is, if you selected a business for which you understand your customers and what they want and how you can get it to them.

Solution is You

“Your Solution is You,” This is true in business and personal, including friends and family, so this is your opportunity to select members of these relationships you have with others, and present to them with your latest.


Each group is going to respond to you in a different way, therefore you must present to each subgroup something that makes it clear what you want them to do.

Okay. Let’s assume you what you do and how it is different from everyone else. You also know what it is you want them to do.

Very well then. Let us say you are going to be writing to…

A. Family.
B. Friends.
C. Past customers.
D. Possible future customers.

That is all for now. Thank you for participating in this educational experiment. May your life be magic, Harry Potter Fan Club NYC.

7 ways that magicians and other entertainers can learn about marketing from harry potter

Who is This for? Potterheads First of Course, but also Others

Hello Potterheads, Spaceman here. Today we are going to do something a little different. In this post we shall ask for some help from Harry Potter himself as a phenomena and movement. Our goal is to study the topic from various perspectives, ultimately looking toward persons such as myself who have been Pottified, in order to discover marketing and magic techniques.

Some of What We Will Delve Into in this Post

We will be looking for answers into things like storytelling, value, belonging, wishes, curiosity, targeting, and society. The clarification of these 7 elements as well as their connection to marketing and Harry Potter came from “The Wizard of New York City” or WizNYC, who himself is a Harry Potter fan. Thanks to WizNYC for lending his expertise.


Storytelling has been around for a long time, even as far back as prehistoric times. There are many reasons why storytelling is so powerful. We can get emersed with, empathize and live vicariously through it, plus much more. There is even a category for it in the promotional arts, which is called “Storytelling Marketing.” There is an old saying which is that the one who tells the story, rules the world. And in some ways, this is true of the Harry Potter pop culture giant. How is this helpful to entertainers and marketers as well as interested fans? A good and emotional story makes it more likely doors will open within viewers. We as humans are more likely to listening to something if feelings are involved.


Once someone has responded to your marketing message it is important to give them something of value. This is certainly true of J.K. Rowling. Her writing was of value to readers, especially those who became fans. Value is something of worth to those who it is intended for. Value can be the fulfillment of such things an experience that moves you, draws you in with hope and maybe even makes you feel less lonely. What is something of value that magician entertainers can take from this? They need to remember that if they get a gig, they they should strive to deliver to their specators, something that they see as being valuable.


Just as was seen in the prior section, for some “value” is feeling less lonely. This is the same with the need to “belong.” Fan clubs like the one that generated this post, can make you feel less alone. Not everyone. But some. The desire to be a part of a community is a big one with people. When we first started Harry Potter Fan Club NYC group of us banded together. Belonging to a community can increase happiness which is valuable to many. Magicians and marketers when starting a club of some kind, might want to strive for having appeal to those wanting to be a part of something along with other people.


People wish for many different things depending on who is doing the wishing. The wish list can include changing one’s life, money and magic powers. For some, wishing for powers can be a motivator. Special powers were an area of interest of those reading the Harry Potter series. The fact that a human being can wish for things is also something of value, that marketers can tap into. For example, if a marketer has something that is wished for by a specific group of people, there is a better chance the campaign will be successful than a general collective of individuals.


Harry Potter has a wide appeal, but many marketers of “All Things Potter, “specifically seek out Potterheads. This is what targeting is. It is looking to focus on, and connect with, a certain group. So, attention all magicians, be sure you are targeting the right spectators who are a fit for the kind of magic you do.


Curiosity Marketing involves presenting cliff hangers or other forms of triggers as a means to pique the interest of people such that they wonder what is going to happen next. Curiosity Marketing was built right into the early days of the Harry Potter experience. First fans asked “What’s going to happen in the next book?” Then later the question became “What’s the next movie going to be like?” Marketers integrate this into marketing campaigns.


A society is sometimes looked upon as a collective of people, either offline or on, who swear to abide by both laws and unspoken courtesies. The impact that the Harry Potter has had on society includes books, events, motion pictures, clubs, websites, controversy, activism and more. Thanks Harry.

New Magic Brew is Store for Fans

New Brew is Store for You

Harry Potter Fans Like We Are

Harry Potter fans like we are consist of some of the most passionate fans that exist on the earth. We read the books, see the movies and last week here in Manhattan, NY. Many of us stood for hours in the rain in a line that went around the block to celebrate the grand opening of the Harry Potter flagship store. The fact we were willing to stand out in the rain for hours to get into the new store is certainly evidence of the passion we all feel for all things Harry Potter

Meet One of the Original Potterheads

We therefore humbly offer to you the opportunity, if you so desire, to look at fan passion through the eyes of one of the original Potterheads who waited and got wet with other lovers of all things Potter, to be one of the first to enter the new store here in the city. Plus, the gentleman we have been speaking about has the distinction of running for many years now, the premier unofficial Harry Potter fan site here in New York City. So, he knows a thing or two about fan passion. The Potterhead we have been talking about has the nickname “Spaceman” and the blog he founded and now shares with other fans is Harry Potter Fan Club NYC.

Hello, my name is Spaceman, but You Can Call Me Bezos, just kidding

Sorry for the non-Harry Potter lame joke I just made. Sad joke on my part, apologies. Made even sadder because in two minutes everyone will have forgotten that Bezos and his brother went to space. And since I have a pathetic sense of humor, I promise no more winners from me. I have not been brought here for that.

Pretty Neat Don’t You Think That I Had One of My Fellow Fans Do an Intro for Me?

I had a fan introduce me because I wanted to draw you’re your attention to something important. I am here to discuss fan clubs and passionate fans. Why do fans start fan clubs? Because they are passionate about the topic or person the fan club is focused on of course. Well, that was a little too easy of an answer and thing in life is that anything that matters takes a long time to sort out, so am going to be sure to take as long a time as I can muster while doing this exploration of uncovering the specific reason, Harry Potter fans became “Harry Potter fans.

It Was a Wet Day Indeed

Waiting for Hours in the Rain here in New York City for the opening of the Harry Potter store got me thinking about my own Harry Potter journey

Again, Why Do Fans Start Fan Clubs?

The Harry Potter store opening here in Manhattan, New York this past Thursday was an amazing experience for all of us New Yorkers who waited for hours in the rain. Getting wet while holding steady in line with other Potterheads was an ultimate Harry Potter fan experience, or journey even. As my clothes got damper and damper, I had lots of time to think. I began to go over in my head how we started Harry Potter Fan Club NYC an entire decade ago. In turn this led to me asking myself a broad question: “Why do fans start fan clubs?”

I Would Love Your Feedback

Hi. If this is your first-time visiting Harry Potter Fan Club NYC, welcome. You are reading a post on the Harry Potter Fan Club NYC blog, our informal organization being an unofficial fan club that I, Spaceman, and others started together and have been running together for several years now. For some reason experiencing the lavish opening of the Harry Potter store got me ruminating on a question I asked of myself and other Potterheads, “Why do people start Fanclubs, and more specifically, why did we start one that focuses on all things Harry Potter?”

Unlocking the Secrets

To begin to unlock the secrets of Harry Potter fandom I went to Wikipedia and discovered this description of what Harry Potter fandom is:

“Harry Potter fandom refers to the community of fans of the Harry Potter books and films who participate in entertainment activities that revolve around the series, such as reading and writing fan fiction, creating and soliciting fan art, engaging in role-playing games, socializing on Harry Potter-based forums, and more.”

An Informal Harry Potter Survey

But I felt I needed to dig deeper, so I began to informally poll members of Harry Potter Fan Club NYC asking them why they had joined the group. The answers were not surprising because all the responses I got, were the same reasons I and others started and joined Harry Potter Fan Club NYC in the first place a decade ago.

The Results are In

Some Potterheads said they joined because they wanted to be a part of a community with which they shared a common interest with. Others said that it all started with their love of the Harry Potter books and the way that the books made them feel and viewed joining Harry Potter Fan Club NYC was a way to hold onto those kinds of wonderful feelings.

We Fans all Have Something in Common

In the end I guess that joining any kind of fan club comes about because of a desire to belong to something. To not be alone in life’s journey. The character of Harry Potter through the books, movies and more has gone through, and continues to go through an incredible journey. I guess as Potterheads we are drawn to wanting to take that journey with Harry and company. And joining Harry Potter Fan Club NYC is yet another way to continue that journey together.

If You Visit NYC, We Recommend that You Include Going You Know Where

Oh, and if you live close to New York City or are coming to New York for a vacation or some reason, I highly recommend visiting the Harry Potter store in NYC. It is a fan experience you will never forget.

What will the future of harry potter fan clubs be?

A Fighter

Harry Potter Author J. K. Rowling has been a fighter for many years. Decades ago she got rejected again and again for her first book about Potter. Finally a small publisher published it and the rest has been history.

All it Took Was a Tweet

But little did Rowling realize, years later in 2020 she would face a scandal for a tweet she had written. And shortly thereafter in conjunction with a public outcry, her former allies and stars of the movies, made certain to let it be known that Rowling’s views on a topic were not shared by them.

What is the Future of HP?

Now where does the legacy off Harry Potter stand? Or for that matter Rowling? After 20 years of near adulation, a tweet from her has changed for many, their views of her and her books. It brings into question the position of fans and fan clubs. What do you think?


Pick a Card?

Spaceman here. Pick a card. Did you know Spaceman got his start as a magician, as just a kid, much like Harry Potter. We live in a world of entertainers playing the role of being a magician and asking us to do things like pick a card.

Careful About Infringement

It is a little known fact about Harry Potter that he has inspired many readers to become magicians too. Sometimes even magicians who integrate the Potter experience into their magic acts. But they do so carefully, not wanting their homages to the Potter domain be misunderstood as being copyright infringement.

Is She a Potter Fan

Some of you might be asking yourself if the young lady in the photo (who is asking you to “Pick a Card) is a Potter Fan. The answer to this question can be found in her performances. She mentions Mr. Harry Potter as an inspiration and even brings this up when doing magic with cards. She is indeed a Potterhead!

The Over Commercializing of a Socially Distanced Harry Potter

Hello all Potterheads.

Me, Spaceman, has just landed from the galaxy of all things Potter.

As we are based in New York City, I can say with much chagrin, I have been put off by the over commercializing of a socially distanced Harry Potter. What I mean by that is, in this Pandemic, more people are spending more time in their homes. With more of a chance to scour the web for info and experiences HP. Although there has been a bit of a backlash for what “Jo” said, PotterMania is still going strong.

I guess I am trying to say that it does horrify me a bit the flat out commercial exploitations that are ever rising, especially in this age of COVID-19. I don’t know about you, but I am finding online things Harry Potter oriented such as online trivia games, eBooks and more for sale by those who aren’t sanctioned to do so.

It’s said because this means there is no quality control and these things are being done to make a buck. Please let me know through the usual methods what you think about this.

Goodbye Potterheads!

Harry Potter Fan Club NYC 10 Year Anniversary in 2021

Big Bash is Coming

It’s incredible. We just cannot believe it, but Harry Potter Fan Club NYC will soon be celebrating its ten year anniversary! That will mean a big bash with the fam and other members.

Start Celebrating Early!

Spaceman doesn’t have a lot to say but recommends if you have been a member since the very beginning that you start partying Harry Potter Fan Club NYC style. What is that? A confection in hand, laying back, and of course watching a Harry Potter movie!

Why is Harry so Darn Popular?

Scratching the Surface

Hello dear Potterheads, Spaceman here yet again rustling up something Potter-Esque for you to have an experience that hopefully contains magic, mirth and mystery. In this piece I attempt to ask of Harry Potter magic a mysterious question that will not be easy to answer. But I, as a dedicated fan, will do my best to at least scratch the surface of.

The query of which is:

Why is Harry Potter so darn popular?

Now the obvious answer to this enigmatic truth finding message is that people are devoted to Pottermania because they can relate to it. What do I mean by this? I am of course not saying that they relate to seeing reflections of themselves in the literal look at the tales, but rather in what they represent to them. For example, it has been said that Harry was intentionally made to not be a perfect character because folks can relate to imperfection.

Searching While in NYC

I know that I, Spaceman am not perfect, so that as an answer makes sense to me. It is nice to see another individual who makes mistakes just as I do. In fact, this whole analytical examination is very imperfect in itself. I have to admit I’m getting insecure writing about a worldwide pop culture phenomenon when I am merely a writer of an “unauthorized” Harry Potter fan club site here in NYC?!

It’s a Beautiful World

Clearly I am hesitating with moving forward to address this question. J.K. Rowling gets “cred” for imagining and then putting on paper such a beautiful world. And none know the beauty of this world more than us Potterheads.


If I was to dig deep within my “inner fan” I would come back with a response that Harry Potter is symbolic of searching that all of us go through in our lives. We are searching for something wonderful and have to face the same negativity that Harry does along the way.

Fun Fact

I have never revealed this before on this series, but I, Spaceman, have a friend who is also a Potterhead. This person loves the series. And as a friend I was first shown the wonderful world of Potter by this friend and was instantly hooked. I think this made my friend feel good. And I in turn introduced Potter to others, which made me feel good. The positivity of sharing could be a part of the answer.

Growing Up Potter

I am going to make what might seem like a wild stab at an answer. I am going to state that I believe a possible draw for people is that the characters and concepts resonate with those who  experienced the evolution of Potter. A specific group in particular are those who literally grew up themselves as the characters in Harry Potter did, one book at a time. A reflection of their own trials and tribulations while looking in a Potter mirror. These individuals then passed the experience on to others.

Final Thoughts

I leave you now with one word that I feel sums up why the Harry Potter series is so popular: relatability.

Harry Potter is Everywhere in New York

Not to Be

I Spaceman was devastated when the Broadway production of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”  had to close due to COVID-19. I had tickets with great seats but my experiencing of this theatrical production was not to be. Saying I was “bummed” is an understatement.

Harry Potter Presence

But thankfully even in the thick of the Coronavirus lockdowns, Harry Potter is everywhere in New York. True, I am tapped into Potter while being in quarantine, but I can still at least vicariously enjoy the presence of Harry Potter in our great city.

Our Great City

The photo included with this post is a random New York fan on his laptop. But as you can see, on the wall next to him is HP’s famous symbol. Expressions of fandom are happening all over Manhattan. In fact, I am noticing via the internet that fans and their love of J.K. Rowling’s masterful series is only getting more intense than ever as we all wait out the deadly disease.

Will Magic Save Us?

According to Forbes, the New York City lockdown is costing 173 million dollars per day. People are slowly stepping out of their apartments after nearly three months of being caged with many being participants of the ongoing protest demonstrations. They are not implementing Social Distancing. Can Potter’s magic save them from not getting COVID-19?

Spreading the Word

The official reopening of the Big Apple is tomorrow, Monday June 8th. I don’t know if I am going to venture from my apartment at that time. We’ll see. But one thing for sure is that when I do, I will spread the word of Harry Potter!