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Harry Potter Fan Club NYC

A Word from The Spaceman!

Hey there, fellow Harry Potter fans! Spaceman welcomes you! First off, let me just say how excited I am to be the President of the Harry Potter fan club of New York City and that these past several years have been a most excellent time for fans of magic and fantasy and the like. Over the years, the Harry Potter novels have inspired much creation--Hollywood films, merchandising and yes, even the fan-fiction stories that can be found all over the internet. J.K. Rowling's novels have become #1 Bestsellers, and it's all thanks to you guys--the Potter fans. Go ahead and give yourselves a pat on the back. You helped Harry out of his cupboard under the stairs and you stood by him through his many trials and tribulations. And the fact that you are now reading this proves how really devoted you are to the Potter series. But now that his journey is over and his mission is complete, what now? What's next for us fans? What could possibly fill the empty magical gap where Harry Potter used to be?

Let's Recap!

Year One: Harry discovered his magical origins, began his education and encountered Voldemort, the man who killed his parents and left him alone with nothing but a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Year Two: Harry took on the serpent of Slytherin in the Chamber of Secrets and saved his school from closing. Year Three: Harry encountered the man who betrayed his parents and got them killed, learned of his Godfather's innocence, and faced off against a hundred fear-inducing specters. Year Four: Harry participated in a deadly wizard tournament and fought a fully revived Voldemort. Year Five: Harry learned of a society that fought Voldemort and his followers. Year Six: Harry learned of Voldemort's secret to immortality. Year Seven: The final confrontation between Harry and the man responsible for the death of his family and friends.

What's Next?

So what's next for us, Potter fans? How do we fill the void? The Spaceman will tell you. We all know nothing could possibly replace Harry Potter, but something can fill the void that's been left behind. What is that something? The Spaceman will tell you. That something is... (pause for dramatic effect)... Magic Neighbors: You Can't Borrow Honey from a Zombie! And what exactly is this "Magic Neighbors"? Let the Spaceman tell you the story. The story is set right here in NYC; Casey Conjurer, a magician and investigative reporter, uncovers a story that makes him and his loved ones a target of bullying. His wife, Rhymin' Rachael, stands up for something she believes in and becomes unjustly humiliated for it. Their toddler daughter, Little Princess Magician, is being taunted by undead kids because of rumors circulating in the zombie neighborhoood. The villain of this story is the Medieval Queen of Pies. She's Medieval, she throws pies, she's got zero empthy, and... she's hot.