Harry Potter is a Symbol of Meaning

When Did You First Become Aware of HP and How and When Does a Franchise Become a Franchise?

When did HP Officially Become Well Known?

Hello. Yes it is I, keeper of this site for several years now. And during that time I have thought about the various ways of looking at HP and specifically in the case of this fan website, HPFCNYC. Recently my thoughts have traveled down the road of trying to catch it at the beginning. At what point did HP, as a soon-to-be celeb actually become officially famous?

The Exact Moment You Connected with HP?

Not an easy question to answer. We hear all the time that the success of the HP franchise was a surprise to all. There is talk of how the right book series connected with the right fans. And in truth, there are PHs of all different ages. But again, the reason that this post is being written today: what really set it off? Everyone has had the moment that they first became aware of HP.

To Truly Understand the HP Phenomenon Would Have to Involve ALL PHs!

For me it was having my English teacher sister send me a copy of the first book. And in the name of full transparency, I did not immediately read the publication. Although the genre that the book seemed to be a part of, was also something that I was interested in, for whatever reason I was not immediately interested in reading it. In a manner of speaking, the only way to truly uncover the the moment that HP really took off, would require having fans all over the world voice their first HP experience.

Why are You Drawn to HP?

Certainly much of the success of the series has to do with having an identification on the part of PHs with the material. Word of mouth was another big one. And the fact that as the fans grew up so did the ages of the characters in the book series. This brings up another interesting question, how is it for today’s first time fans? They in a sense have been deprived of having the books’ characters grow in age as they do.

Here in New York City Because after all NYC is in the Name

We all know who engrossing and readable the trail of volumes are, so one could potentially read them all in a few months, or even even in a few days. But they do not experience the fun that early PHs experienced was waiting for the new book release. Here in New York City there is a shop and even a Broadway show harnessing energy from the series.

We Made it Happen and Continue to Do So!

Both the show and the shop are quite something, And in my opinion the live performance does not disappoint. It is perhaps of a different tone, and yet fits within all the different incarnations of the series. In the end it is really the fans who decide whether something is successful enough. And unless you have that element, a franchise will not be successful.