What Does the Future Hold?

What will the future of harry potter fan clubs be?

A Fighter

Harry Potter Author J. K. Rowling has been a fighter for many years. Decades ago she got rejected again and again for her first book about Potter. Finally a small publisher published it and the rest has been history.

All it Took Was a Tweet

But little did Rowling realize, years later in 2020 she would face a scandal for a tweet she had written. And shortly thereafter in conjunction with a public outcry, her former allies and stars of the movies, made certain to let it be known that Rowling’s views on a topic were not shared by them.

What is the Future of HP?

Now where does the legacy off Harry Potter stand? Or for that matter Rowling? After 20 years of near adulation, a tweet from her has changed for many, their views of her and her books. It brings into question the position of fans and fan clubs. What do you think?