Harry Potter is a Symbol of Meaning

What is the Difference Between Fictional Characters like Harry Potter and Magicians who are Entertainers and Do Magic Tricks?

Brutal Truths About Becoming a Professional Magician

There is a Strategy DIY (Do it Yourself) currently being put together at METHOD HOW that focuses on becoming an entertainer/magician professionally. The site can get a big preachy regarding America, but it did make us think about the relationship between fictional characters like Harry Potter and performing magicians/mentalists like Professor Dreamer. He is a participant in the METHOD HOW project, as well as can sometimes be seen performing for magic organizations rather than the general public. So the question comes out “What are the Brutal Truths About Becoming a Professional Magician?” and does it intersect with imaginary characters like HP. Here at HPFCNYC our resident magician and one of our collaborators who identifies as a “Potterhead” what do they think? The former professional magician said there was nothing in common between the performing entertainers and characters in books. But the self proclaimed “Potterhead” had a different view on the topic.

The Necessary Way to Approach Study in Order to Become a Professional Magician that will Fall Flat Unless You Do it Right

The headline above is one of the questions that is answered in the upcoming “how to” Strategy DIY at the METHOD HOW of the “METHOD HOW Report.” At any rate, we wanted to show you the bolded header to establish the sometimes over the top approach mentalists and magicians have, whereas Potter has a more grounded approach. According to a self proclaimed “Potterhead” that the only thing that Harry Potter and Magicians who do Magic Tricks, is that both are presented as being entertainment.

The Big Dumb Mistake that if You Do it Will Tank You Becoming a Professional Magician

Again to show you the over the top sensationalistic approach that mentalists and magicians frequently have, we put up another of the lines of text to be found on the METHOD HOW site, on how to become a mentalist or a professional magician. Then switching gears, we asked the “Potterhead” for feedback on the difference between Harry Potter and a Conjurer. The response from the “Potterhead” was a shrug of the shoulders and then the statement “They’re both magicians?”