Alice to Charlie to Harry to Casey?
Alice to Charlie to Harry to Casey?

Harry Potter Fan Club NYC – the books ended quite a while ago, so we’re a group of fans exploring other new developing projects that fans like us might be interested in reading or even creating ourselves. Magic Neighbors. What is “Magic Neighbors: You Can’t Borrow Honey from a Zombie” and what connection does it have to “Harry Potter” or for that matter “Glee” or “Night of the Living Dead”? To answer that question one has to delve deeply into this, a Manhattan branch of Harry Potter Fan Club NYC. Harry Potter Fan Club NYC is a rather unusual fan site. Here is how it was developed…A group of us thinking, creative, intelligent, hopeful yet cynical types began meeting on a regular basis. We discovered through our meetings that we had a lot more in common than just Harry Potter. We found that we shared a philosophical outlook and approach to life that the Harry Potter books helped to enhance, amplify and improve. We even found that we were not alone in history in our fandom tendencies

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Join Us at Harry Potter Fan Club NYC
Join Us at Harry Potter Fan Club NYC

We even found that we were not alone in history in our fandom. Before Harry there were books like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and before Charlie there was “Alice in Wonderland.” In other words throughout time a certain kind of supernatural fantasy thriller has intrigued young and old alike and sometimes even had an effect of bringing people together into groups like this one. The Harry Potter Fan Club NYC, New York City including the five boroughs – Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn – plus the Tristate Area New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. Dominos. As the president of this club I feel an obligation in the spirit of innovation in which the book were written to now continue with the search for works that follow like dominos Alice to Charlie to Harry and now to…Casey? Yes that’s right, Casey the Conjurer. He is the central character of the new series that is currently being written by an author in Northern NYC, Inwood Manhattan and Washington Heights.

To be clear, we are Harry Potter Fan Club NYC fans first, but in the same spirit of hopefulness that Harry embraces, we embrace the possibility of the next big thing. Who would have thought Harry would be such a big deal. I grew up with Harry and as he aged through the books and movies, so did I. And in some ways Harry taught me to remain open to new experiences, ideas and opportunities. In short, I discovered how to create, collaborate and conjure! In fact, in a way Harry is why I got into digital communication arts.

So even before becoming the president of the Harry Potter Fan Club NYC, I knew that now that the books were ending I should be a part of uncovering the next experience of magicsodes. To be honest, I have a background in digital communication arts, so I am a living duality. There is a part of me that is artistic and has the so called creative innocence of being in my twenties, but another part of me that is ambitious and even a little calculating and wants to catch and maybe even be a part of creating/collaborating/conjuring the next big thing.

The magic trick is to catch it early in its arc and I think I may have found it. First there was Alice followed by Charlie followed by Harry and now Casey of the “Magic Neighbors: You Can’t Borrow Honey from a Zombie.”

As a true blue Harry Potter fan, I know and understand the politics involved with opening the doors to another experience other than Harry. How can it compare? How is any other experience going to even come close to the wonders we experienced and continue to experience?

The answer is simple. “Magic Neighbors: You Can’t Borrow Honey from a Zombie” in many ways is nothing like Harry Potter. In fact, some would say that the only connection it has to Harry is that its central character is a magician.

But here at the Harry Potter Fan Club NYC we believe this is the next magic supernatural enchantment experience and just like Alice paved the way for Charlie and Charlie paved the way for Harry, now Harry is paving the way for Casey Conjurer, Rhymin’ Rachel and Little Princess Magician.

Lights Camera Read

Let’s face it, most Harry Potter fans are artists themselves, something to celebrate. Lights Camera Read is an organization sponsored by a nonprofit. If you are a Potter fan and artist, we wish for you a rich and exciting life without turmoil. No starving artist career for you, only the excitement of Lights Camera Read. In fact, a quick and easy way to immediately be able to create, collaborate and conjure in the spirit of Harry Potter is to read a book that is magic to you and then write your own short story inspired by it. These are the guidelines for tweens, teens and Y.A. (Young Adults). A way to test your creativity is to write a tale that starts with the line “You can’t borrow honey from a zombie because…”