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Rowling Reveals


Hello fellow Potter fans, Spaceman here. I have a special collection of things we’re calling “Rowling Reveals” because these are little known things about our fave Harry Potter characters that Rowling let’s out of the bag, some of which have a direct correlation to her own moods including her battle with depression. Because after all Rowling is just human like the rest of us, but she is someone who has a remarkable vision and brought together some of the most lively and fascinating characters ever.

  1. For example did you know that wizard kids were homeschooled? It’s true. Rowling felt that with their powers it would be too dangerous to let them out and about.
  2. Rowling says that although a lot of people think Hermione lost her parents for good after she altered their memories for their own protection, but apparently, according to Rowling, Hermione got her parents back straight away.
  3. Rowling is known for having been unlucky in love and in fact the entire series came out of her own marriage and its negativity. Remarkably she was able to tap into this negativity and actually was able to show the other side of it by making certain that all found love in Hogwarts Place. For example Draco marries Astoria, George marries Angelina. Even Neville marries someone, in this case marries someone: Hannah.
  4. Here’s a fun one. Did you know that the reason Rowling picked Harry’s scar to be a lightening bolt was because it looked “cool.” Yes, this is true, absolutely fact.
  5. And for those who are curious about the International Confederation of Wizards and its impact. Rowling reveals that there are eleven long-established and prestigious wizarding schools worldwide.
  6. And here is a fascinating one that we didn’t know until recently is that the reason and inspiration for creating the dementors, was due to her conscious experience of having a battle with depression. After all, Rowling has challenging moods, as do a lot of us including me, Spaceman.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print for today. If you have fun facts about Rowling’s creative process please let us know and we’ll publish it!