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Yianni Stamas, a self proclaimed Nonexpert on PotterMania, Pulls Together a Post as Best He Can about Harry and Christmas

Spaceman’s Intro

Hi, Spaceman here. Y.E.S. (Yianni Euripides Stamas) is a guest writer for today on the topic of Harry Potter Fan Club NYC and its relationship to December 22’s Movie Marathon Day. Please welcome Mr. Stamas.

In House Experts

Thank you for the intro Spaceman. And hello to all you Potterheads out there. I am a part time magician and mentalist which is probably why Spaceman wanted me to write for Harry Potter Fan Club NYC today. This short blog post is about Harry Potter around Christmas time. So my first dive into the abyss was to speak with my in-house HP experts: my wife as well as our 12 year old daughter, because they are both lovers of the series of books.

According to my 12 year old daughter Harry Potter’s Relationship with Christmas is:

“He celebrated Christmas at first with his Uncle Vernon and his Aunt Petunia plus cousin Dudley. But, with them it was an unhappy holiday for Harry because they would give him no presents but would instead present gifts to their son Dudley. As the story progresses and Harry begins celebrating the Yuletide Season with his friend Ron and numerous siblings, he has a much better Xmas experience.”

My wife then chimed in with the info:

“Potterheads have stated that they themselves would love to stay at Hogwarts to celebrate their Christmas there because Harry and his friends had such a great time with no students around.”

Closing Words

And of course you can tie it all together during today’s National Christmas Movie Marathon Day by tossing in a few Potter titles as you binge watch your favorite holiday motion pictures! Hope this is enough Spaceman!

Harry Potter Fan Club NYC 10 Year Anniversary in 2021

Big Bash is Coming

It’s incredible. We just cannot believe it, but Harry Potter Fan Club NYC will soon be celebrating its ten year anniversary! That will mean a big bash with the fam and other members.

Start Celebrating Early!

Spaceman doesn’t have a lot to say but recommends if you have been a member since the very beginning that you start partying Harry Potter Fan Club NYC style. What is that? A confection in hand, laying back, and of course watching a Harry Potter movie!