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What will the future of harry potter fan clubs be?

A Fighter

Harry Potter Author J. K. Rowling has been a fighter for many years. Decades ago she got rejected again and again for her first book about Potter. Finally a small publisher published it and the rest has been history.

All it Took Was a Tweet

But little did Rowling realize, years later in 2020 she would face a scandal for a tweet she had written. And shortly thereafter in conjunction with a public outcry, her former allies and stars of the movies, made certain to let it be known that Rowling’s views on a topic were not shared by them.

What is the Future of HP?

Now where does the legacy off Harry Potter stand? Or for that matter Rowling? After 20 years of near adulation, a tweet from her has changed for many, their views of her and her books. It brings into question the position of fans and fan clubs. What do you think?


Pick a Card?

Spaceman here. Pick a card. Did you know Spaceman got his start as a magician, as just a kid, much like Harry Potter. We live in a world of entertainers playing the role of being a magician and asking us to do things like pick a card.

Careful About Infringement

It is a little known fact about Harry Potter that he has inspired many readers to become magicians too. Sometimes even magicians who integrate the Potter experience into their magic acts. But they do so carefully, not wanting their homages to the Potter domain be misunderstood as being copyright infringement.

Is She a Potter Fan

Some of you might be asking yourself if the young lady in the photo (who is asking you to “Pick a Card) is a Potter Fan. The answer to this question can be found in her performances. She mentions Mr. Harry Potter as an inspiration and even brings this up when doing magic with cards. She is indeed a Potterhead!

The Over Commercializing of a Socially Distanced Harry Potter

Hello all Potterheads.

Me, Spaceman, has just landed from the galaxy of all things Potter.

As we are based in New York City, I can say with much chagrin, I have been put off by the over commercializing of a socially distanced Harry Potter. What I mean by that is, in this Pandemic, more people are spending more time in their homes. With more of a chance to scour the web for info and experiences HP. Although there has been a bit of a backlash for what “Jo” said, PotterMania is still going strong.

I guess I am trying to say that it does horrify me a bit the flat out commercial exploitations that are ever rising, especially in this age of COVID-19. I don’t know about you, but I am finding online things Harry Potter oriented such as online trivia games, eBooks and more for sale by those who aren’t sanctioned to do so.

It’s said because this means there is no quality control and these things are being done to make a buck. Please let me know through the usual methods what you think about this.

Goodbye Potterheads!

Harry Potter Fan Club NYC 10 Year Anniversary in 2021

Big Bash is Coming

It’s incredible. We just cannot believe it, but Harry Potter Fan Club NYC will soon be celebrating its ten year anniversary! That will mean a big bash with the fam and other members.

Start Celebrating Early!

Spaceman doesn’t have a lot to say but recommends if you have been a member since the very beginning that you start partying Harry Potter Fan Club NYC style. What is that? A confection in hand, laying back, and of course watching a Harry Potter movie!

Why is Harry so Darn Popular?

Scratching the Surface

Hello dear Potterheads, Spaceman here yet again rustling up something Potter-Esque for you to have an experience that hopefully contains magic, mirth and mystery. In this piece I attempt to ask of Harry Potter magic a mysterious question that will not be easy to answer. But I, as a dedicated fan, will do my best to at least scratch the surface of.

The query of which is:

Why is Harry Potter so darn popular?

Now the obvious answer to this enigmatic truth finding message is that people are devoted to Pottermania because they can relate to it. What do I mean by this? I am of course not saying that they relate to seeing reflections of themselves in the literal look at the tales, but rather in what they represent to them. For example, it has been said that Harry was intentionally made to not be a perfect character because folks can relate to imperfection.

Searching While in NYC

I know that I, Spaceman am not perfect, so that as an answer makes sense to me. It is nice to see another individual who makes mistakes just as I do. In fact, this whole analytical examination is very imperfect in itself. I have to admit I’m getting insecure writing about a worldwide pop culture phenomenon when I am merely a writer of an “unauthorized” Harry Potter fan club site here in NYC?!

It’s a Beautiful World

Clearly I am hesitating with moving forward to address this question. J.K. Rowling gets “cred” for imagining and then putting on paper such a beautiful world. And none know the beauty of this world more than us Potterheads.


If I was to dig deep within my “inner fan” I would come back with a response that Harry Potter is symbolic of searching that all of us go through in our lives. We are searching for something wonderful and have to face the same negativity that Harry does along the way.

Fun Fact

I have never revealed this before on this series, but I, Spaceman, have a friend who is also a Potterhead. This person loves the series. And as a friend I was first shown the wonderful world of Potter by this friend and was instantly hooked. I think this made my friend feel good. And I in turn introduced Potter to others, which made me feel good. The positivity of sharing could be a part of the answer.

Growing Up Potter

I am going to make what might seem like a wild stab at an answer. I am going to state that I believe a possible draw for people is that the characters and concepts resonate with those who  experienced the evolution of Potter. A specific group in particular are those who literally grew up themselves as the characters in Harry Potter did, one book at a time. A reflection of their own trials and tribulations while looking in a Potter mirror. These individuals then passed the experience on to others.

Final Thoughts

I leave you now with one word that I feel sums up why the Harry Potter series is so popular: relatability.

Harry Potter is Everywhere in New York

Not to Be

I Spaceman was devastated when the Broadway production of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”  had to close due to COVID-19. I had tickets with great seats but my experiencing of this theatrical production was not to be. Saying I was “bummed” is an understatement.

Harry Potter Presence

But thankfully even in the thick of the Coronavirus lockdowns, Harry Potter is everywhere in New York. True, I am tapped into Potter while being in quarantine, but I can still at least vicariously enjoy the presence of Harry Potter in our great city.

Our Great City

The photo included with this post is a random New York fan on his laptop. But as you can see, on the wall next to him is HP’s famous symbol. Expressions of fandom are happening all over Manhattan. In fact, I am noticing via the internet that fans and their love of J.K. Rowling’s masterful series is only getting more intense than ever as we all wait out the deadly disease.

Will Magic Save Us?

According to Forbes, the New York City lockdown is costing 173 million dollars per day. People are slowly stepping out of their apartments after nearly three months of being caged with many being participants of the ongoing protest demonstrations. They are not implementing Social Distancing. Can Potter’s magic save them from not getting COVID-19?

Spreading the Word

The official reopening of the Big Apple is tomorrow, Monday June 8th. I don’t know if I am going to venture from my apartment at that time. We’ll see. But one thing for sure is that when I do, I will spread the word of Harry Potter!

Rowling Reveals


Hello fellow Potter fans, Spaceman here. I have a special collection of things we’re calling “Rowling Reveals” because these are little known things about our fave Harry Potter characters that Rowling let’s out of the bag, some of which have a direct correlation to her own moods including her battle with depression. Because after all Rowling is just human like the rest of us, but she is someone who has a remarkable vision and brought together some of the most lively and fascinating characters ever.

  1. For example did you know that wizard kids were homeschooled? It’s true. Rowling felt that with their powers it would be too dangerous to let them out and about.
  2. Rowling says that although a lot of people think Hermione lost her parents for good after she altered their memories for their own protection, but apparently, according to Rowling, Hermione got her parents back straight away.
  3. Rowling is known for having been unlucky in love and in fact the entire series came out of her own marriage and its negativity. Remarkably she was able to tap into this negativity and actually was able to show the other side of it by making certain that all found love in Hogwarts Place. For example Draco marries Astoria, George marries Angelina. Even Neville marries someone, in this case marries someone: Hannah.
  4. Here’s a fun one. Did you know that the reason Rowling picked Harry’s scar to be a lightening bolt was because it looked “cool.” Yes, this is true, absolutely fact.
  5. And for those who are curious about the International Confederation of Wizards and its impact. Rowling reveals that there are eleven long-established and prestigious wizarding schools worldwide.
  6. And here is a fascinating one that we didn’t know until recently is that the reason and inspiration for creating the dementors, was due to her conscious experience of having a battle with depression. After all, Rowling has challenging moods, as do a lot of us including me, Spaceman.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print for today. If you have fun facts about Rowling’s creative process please let us know and we’ll publish it!

Spaceman Takes Inventory on the Potter Experience

Spreading the Word

Potterheads let’s face it, your ole pal Spaceman here has been on this exciting Harry Potter ride known as having the honor of keeping this blog going for quite some time now. It is a passion of mine as others I know can identify. For those who have not been inducted it is hard to explain why the HP series is so important to us. I am always comforted by the response from fans that confirms why I am doing this in the first place: spreading the word of Harry Potter.

Joined Together

Why am I writing on this topic? To remind you that this website is not mine, it is ours. So any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me at any time. There is a reason we can proudly recognize the popularity of this web venture, it is because of YOU. It is because of US.

Seeing the Gorgeous Imperfections

Remember this?

“The flaw in the plan: I’m sorry about your parents, but no spell can reawaken the dead. Harry. I trust you know that.”

Except for the time turner. We’ll use that to save Buckbeak. J.K. usually covers her plot holes, but we’ve all thought about this one.

We are outside of the story and within it. That what’s beautiful. Spaceman signing off.


Who is the Greatest Magician of All Time?

Is this Spaceman, our notorious blogger of this site. No one knows for certain what Spaceman looks like. Is this he? Let us know what you think.

Spaceman Greeting

Greetings folks. Spaceman is here, welcoming you to yet another novel and original take on the Harry Potter Series. Today we are going to discuss “Who is the greatest magician of all time?”

The Search for the Greatest

The greatest magician of all time is likely to be one of the two Harrys. Either Harry Houdini or Harry Potter. Either way, both are great for different reasons. Harry Houdini because he was the ultimate showman and marketer. Even though he died in 1926 he still inspires awe and mystery like the new Houdini Day Project.   Houdini’s life in the history books reads much like a famous painter who is broken down by artistic periods his work went through.

Houdini’s Different Periods

In the case of Houdini we can track him by 4 posters I have on my wall, each one representing a period including “King of Cards,” Escape Artist, Psychic Investigator and Film Actor. There are of course more periods than that, but those are the main ones.

The Harry Potter Series

Harry Potter on the other hand has periods which can be found in tiltes of his books including Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001), Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007), Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2010/2011.)

Comparing the Two

One could say that Harry Potter is more famous than Harry Houdini, but not so quickly please. Houdini has enduring fame starting in the late 1800’s, through his death in 1926, and into today. I am the Spaceman and I am grateful to the producers of this website, “Harry Potter Fan Club NYC,” for giving me the chance to compare Potter to Houdini. And my love for Houdini might be offputting for some HP fans. But I love Harry Potter also, for different reasons.

In the Minds of People

You could make a case for HP being a supernatural magician while Houdini is an illusionist. Both resonate for some reason with the public. Harry Houdini possibly for his memorable publicity stunts and Harry Potter for his empathy and real magic. So the fictional potter does real magic and might be more real than the real Houdini in the minds of the the public, especially the youth as well as their parents who read the Potter books to their kids and got hooked themselves.

The Real Greatest Magician?

So in truth, both are great magicians, each well known and memorable for different reasons. But as true Harry Potter Fans know, the greatest magicican could actually be Albus Dumbledore.

Harry Potter Meets Marketer Magician

Hello there. Spaceman here.

First off, we tried to have the color of the above graphic be Gryffindors gold, but didn’t quite achieve the match.

Harry Potter is More Famous than David Copperfield

It’s been a bit long since we last checked in. I suppose I could say we’ve been busy (which we have been) but quite possibly the correct reason is that we have been waiting for a good topic. The one that we have selected is “Harry Potter’s Impact on Magician Entertainers.”

Harry Potter Upstages without Meaning To

As you know by now, a good friend of mine is Manhattan Magician for whatever reason has started to call himself: MARKETER Magician. Why Marketer Magician? As he puts it, he’s the creator of “Marketing that Works Like Magic.” This is an amazingly accurate description of what he does and is. He encountered the same problem that other magician entertainers have faced which is being upstaged by the young Mr. Potter.

Not Just Anyone Can Be an HP Member

I know that Manhattan Magician is a Harry Potter fan, but he’s only read the first two books and not ALL of them. I find this disconcerting. You can’t be a true fan unless you read all the books and then seen all the movies so you can chat with your friends how the books are better. Sound familiar?

Potter Wins Again

I think that the straw that broke the camel’s back for Marketer Magician was losing out on some gigs where the decision was to not to hire a mentalist magician (him) and instead go to Universal Florida and see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Let’s face it. This attraction is a fan favorite and an important visit for any Potterhead.

A Question of Magic Ego

You see, he was about to be hired to do his somewhat Harry Potter inspired magic act for a large group of fans, but then the choice was to go as a group to sunny Florida and undergo the immersive Harry Potter experience. This devastated Marketer/Manhattan Magician – who in terms of being a “magic of the mind” favorite in New York City is probably one of the top conjurers – but losing out on bookings based on the desire of his audience wanting to go to a theme park instead, is a blow to his ego.

Wishing a Magician Well

We hope Marketer Magician feels less traumatized by all this soon. Nothing reading a Harry Potter book can’t solve to make you feel better.