7 ways that magicians and other entertainers can learn about marketing from harry potter

Who is This for? Potterheads First of Course, but also Others

Hello Potterheads, Spaceman here. Today we are going to do something a little different. In this post we shall ask for some help from Harry Potter himself as a phenomena and movement. Our goal is to study the topic from various perspectives, ultimately looking toward persons such as myself who have been Pottified, in order to discover marketing and magic techniques.

Some of What We Will Delve Into in this Post

We will be looking for answers into things like storytelling, value, belonging, wishes, curiosity, targeting, and society. The clarification of these 7 elements as well as their connection to marketing and Harry Potter came from “The Wizard of New York City” or WizNYC, who himself is a Harry Potter fan. Thanks to WizNYC for lending his expertise.


Storytelling has been around for a long time, even as far back as prehistoric times. There are many reasons why storytelling is so powerful. We can get emersed with, empathize and live vicariously through it, plus much more. There is even a category for it in the promotional arts, which is called “Storytelling Marketing.” There is an old saying which is that the one who tells the story, rules the world. And in some ways, this is true of the Harry Potter pop culture giant. How is this helpful to entertainers and marketers as well as interested fans? A good and emotional story makes it more likely doors will open within viewers. We as humans are more likely to listening to something if feelings are involved.


Once someone has responded to your marketing message it is important to give them something of value. This is certainly true of J.K. Rowling. Her writing was of value to readers, especially those who became fans. Value is something of worth to those who it is intended for. Value can be the fulfillment of such things an experience that moves you, draws you in with hope and maybe even makes you feel less lonely. What is something of value that magician entertainers can take from this? They need to remember that if they get a gig, they they should strive to deliver to their specators, something that they see as being valuable.


Just as was seen in the prior section, for some “value” is feeling less lonely. This is the same with the need to “belong.” Fan clubs like the one that generated this post, can make you feel less alone. Not everyone. But some. The desire to be a part of a community is a big one with people. When we first started Harry Potter Fan Club NYC group of us banded together. Belonging to a community can increase happiness which is valuable to many. Magicians and marketers when starting a club of some kind, might want to strive for having appeal to those wanting to be a part of something along with other people.


People wish for many different things depending on who is doing the wishing. The wish list can include changing one’s life, money and magic powers. For some, wishing for powers can be a motivator. Special powers were an area of interest of those reading the Harry Potter series. The fact that a human being can wish for things is also something of value, that marketers can tap into. For example, if a marketer has something that is wished for by a specific group of people, there is a better chance the campaign will be successful than a general collective of individuals.


Harry Potter has a wide appeal, but many marketers of “All Things Potter, “specifically seek out Potterheads. This is what targeting is. It is looking to focus on, and connect with, a certain group. So, attention all magicians, be sure you are targeting the right spectators who are a fit for the kind of magic you do.


Curiosity Marketing involves presenting cliff hangers or other forms of triggers as a means to pique the interest of people such that they wonder what is going to happen next. Curiosity Marketing was built right into the early days of the Harry Potter experience. First fans asked “What’s going to happen in the next book?” Then later the question became “What’s the next movie going to be like?” Marketers integrate this into marketing campaigns.


A society is sometimes looked upon as a collective of people, either offline or on, who swear to abide by both laws and unspoken courtesies. The impact that the Harry Potter has had on society includes books, events, motion pictures, clubs, websites, controversy, activism and more. Thanks Harry.