Can Entrepreneurs Feel that Working on their Business is Magic and if so, what is a Post Like this One Doing on an Unofficial Fan Site Like Harry Potter Fan Club NYC?

Spaceman Attempts to Clarify

Hello. And first, I Spaceman, wants to thank you for choosing to read this blog post. That said, it may seem, understandably odd to the reader that a post about entrepreneurship would appear on an HP site. Why is it happening?

Spaceman Works Further to Illuminate

There is a reason for it and it has to do with the origin of this site in its birth back in the mid 2010s. Although the first blog of this site shows up as being June, 2018, the reality is that it started a bit earlier than that. And it was the passion project of a group of Harry Potter fans who were also getting training on becoming an entrepreneur at the media studio of a video and web creation company. It was these individuals who made this site appear as if by magic.

June 2018

The date above this paragraph was not when the site was started butwas a time when what had been an html website became a WordPress one, and in transition some of the original content was lost forever.

Participating in the Blog Coalition 5 Blog Experiment

That said, we decided to give entrepreneurship a go in honor of the individuals who made this site come into existence and now are pursuing their entrepreneurial careers.

This is Number Five and the Last Blog in the Series of Them

Okay. So, you made it to Step #5. Good for you. This next section will only work if you know the answers to the ABCs below. Please note that this is written from your perspective and should not be copied to the last detail.

How are You Different?

Why? Because your industry is going to have its own certain ways of talking about things that you hopefully can mold into something that hits your existing customer hard. That builds their desire for what you do. So, when defining how you can solve their problem, you must be clear how you are different and then let them respond to yay or nay on your newsletter.


Here is a rough idea that you will need to adjust to your industry and the specific category of what you do withing that’s industry. Again, this is only a guideline, you truly do need to come up with your own version of it.

A. My business has a better solution to your problem which is [description of what you can do for them, not how].

B. Would you like more information about this solution? I am revamping my newsletter and would love to have you as a subscriber with solutions to these kinds of issues are shared.

C. And in addition to finding those kinds of solutions, various products and services will be shared that might interest you. Either way, the info can be very helpful to you, so as I mentioned earlier. Just please return this message with a yes or no to subscribing. Thanks so much.

As Easy as ABCD.

We believe that like being Harry Potter Fans, we do see magic in entrepreneurship because “In Business You are Your Own Solution.” And this is fact, that is, if you selected a business for which you understand your customers and what they want and how you can get it to them.

Solution is You

“Your Solution is You,” This is true in business and personal, including friends and family, so this is your opportunity to select members of these relationships you have with others, and present to them with your latest.


Each group is going to respond to you in a different way, therefore you must present to each subgroup something that makes it clear what you want them to do.

Okay. Let’s assume you what you do and how it is different from everyone else. You also know what it is you want them to do.

Very well then. Let us say you are going to be writing to…

A. Family.
B. Friends.
C. Past customers.
D. Possible future customers.

That is all for now. Thank you for participating in this educational experiment. May your life be magic, Harry Potter Fan Club NYC.