New Magic Brew is Store for Fans

New Brew is Store for You

Harry Potter Fans Like We Are

Harry Potter fans like we are consist of some of the most passionate fans that exist on the earth. We read the books, see the movies and last week here in Manhattan, NY. Many of us stood for hours in the rain in a line that went around the block to celebrate the grand opening of the Harry Potter flagship store. The fact we were willing to stand out in the rain for hours to get into the new store is certainly evidence of the passion we all feel for all things Harry Potter

Meet One of the Original Potterheads

We therefore humbly offer to you the opportunity, if you so desire, to look at fan passion through the eyes of one of the original Potterheads who waited and got wet with other lovers of all things Potter, to be one of the first to enter the new store here in the city. Plus, the gentleman we have been speaking about has the distinction of running for many years now, the premier unofficial Harry Potter fan site here in New York City. So, he knows a thing or two about fan passion. The Potterhead we have been talking about has the nickname “Spaceman” and the blog he founded and now shares with other fans is Harry Potter Fan Club NYC.

Hello, my name is Spaceman, but You Can Call Me Bezos, just kidding

Sorry for the non-Harry Potter lame joke I just made. Sad joke on my part, apologies. Made even sadder because in two minutes everyone will have forgotten that Bezos and his brother went to space. And since I have a pathetic sense of humor, I promise no more winners from me. I have not been brought here for that.

Pretty Neat Don’t You Think That I Had One of My Fellow Fans Do an Intro for Me?

I had a fan introduce me because I wanted to draw you’re your attention to something important. I am here to discuss fan clubs and passionate fans. Why do fans start fan clubs? Because they are passionate about the topic or person the fan club is focused on of course. Well, that was a little too easy of an answer and thing in life is that anything that matters takes a long time to sort out, so am going to be sure to take as long a time as I can muster while doing this exploration of uncovering the specific reason, Harry Potter fans became “Harry Potter fans.

It Was a Wet Day Indeed

Waiting for Hours in the Rain here in New York City for the opening of the Harry Potter store got me thinking about my own Harry Potter journey

Again, Why Do Fans Start Fan Clubs?

The Harry Potter store opening here in Manhattan, New York this past Thursday was an amazing experience for all of us New Yorkers who waited for hours in the rain. Getting wet while holding steady in line with other Potterheads was an ultimate Harry Potter fan experience, or journey even. As my clothes got damper and damper, I had lots of time to think. I began to go over in my head how we started Harry Potter Fan Club NYC an entire decade ago. In turn this led to me asking myself a broad question: “Why do fans start fan clubs?”

I Would Love Your Feedback

Hi. If this is your first-time visiting Harry Potter Fan Club NYC, welcome. You are reading a post on the Harry Potter Fan Club NYC blog, our informal organization being an unofficial fan club that I, Spaceman, and others started together and have been running together for several years now. For some reason experiencing the lavish opening of the Harry Potter store got me ruminating on a question I asked of myself and other Potterheads, “Why do people start Fanclubs, and more specifically, why did we start one that focuses on all things Harry Potter?”

Unlocking the Secrets

To begin to unlock the secrets of Harry Potter fandom I went to Wikipedia and discovered this description of what Harry Potter fandom is:

“Harry Potter fandom refers to the community of fans of the Harry Potter books and films who participate in entertainment activities that revolve around the series, such as reading and writing fan fiction, creating and soliciting fan art, engaging in role-playing games, socializing on Harry Potter-based forums, and more.”

An Informal Harry Potter Survey

But I felt I needed to dig deeper, so I began to informally poll members of Harry Potter Fan Club NYC asking them why they had joined the group. The answers were not surprising because all the responses I got, were the same reasons I and others started and joined Harry Potter Fan Club NYC in the first place a decade ago.

The Results are In

Some Potterheads said they joined because they wanted to be a part of a community with which they shared a common interest with. Others said that it all started with their love of the Harry Potter books and the way that the books made them feel and viewed joining Harry Potter Fan Club NYC was a way to hold onto those kinds of wonderful feelings.

We Fans all Have Something in Common

In the end I guess that joining any kind of fan club comes about because of a desire to belong to something. To not be alone in life’s journey. The character of Harry Potter through the books, movies and more has gone through, and continues to go through an incredible journey. I guess as Potterheads we are drawn to wanting to take that journey with Harry and company. And joining Harry Potter Fan Club NYC is yet another way to continue that journey together.

If You Visit NYC, We Recommend that You Include Going You Know Where

Oh, and if you live close to New York City or are coming to New York for a vacation or some reason, I highly recommend visiting the Harry Potter store in NYC. It is a fan experience you will never forget.