Pick a Card?

Spaceman here. Pick a card. Did you know Spaceman got his start as a magician, as just a kid, much like Harry Potter. We live in a world of entertainers playing the role of being a magician and asking us to do things like pick a card.

Careful About Infringement

It is a little known fact about Harry Potter that he has inspired many readers to become magicians too. Sometimes even magicians who integrate the Potter experience into their magic acts. But they do so carefully, not wanting their homages to the Potter domain be misunderstood as being copyright infringement.

Is She a Potter Fan

Some of you might be asking yourself if the young lady in the photo (who is asking you to “Pick a Card) is a Potter Fan. The answer to this question can be found in her performances. She mentions Mr. Harry Potter as an inspiration and even brings this up when doing magic with cards. She is indeed a Potterhead!