Harry Potter Meets Marketer Magician

Hello there. Spaceman here.

First off, we tried to have the color of the above graphic be Gryffindors gold, but didn’t quite achieve the match.

Harry Potter is More Famous than David Copperfield

It’s been a bit long since we last checked in. I suppose I could say we’ve been busy (which we have been) but quite possibly the correct reason is that we have been waiting for a good topic. The one that we have selected is “Harry Potter’s Impact on Magician Entertainers.”

Harry Potter Upstages without Meaning To

As you know by now, a good friend of mine is Manhattan Magician for whatever reason has started to call himself: MARKETER Magician. Why Marketer Magician? As he puts it, he’s the creator of “Marketing that Works Like Magic.” This is an amazingly accurate description of what he does and is. He encountered the same problem that other magician entertainers have faced which is being upstaged by the young Mr. Potter.

Not Just Anyone Can Be an HP Member

I know that Manhattan Magician is a Harry Potter fan, but he’s only read the first two books and not ALL of them. I find this disconcerting. You can’t be a true fan unless you read all the books and then seen all the movies so you can chat with your friends how the books are better. Sound familiar?

Potter Wins Again

I think that the straw that broke the camel’s back for Marketer Magician was losing out on some gigs where the decision was to not to hire a mentalist magician (him) and instead go to Universal Florida and see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Let’s face it. This attraction is a fan favorite and an important visit for any Potterhead.

A Question of Magic Ego

You see, he was about to be hired to do his somewhat Harry Potter inspired magic act for a large group of fans, but then the choice was to go as a group to sunny Florida and undergo the immersive Harry Potter experience. This devastated Marketer/Manhattan Magician – who in terms of being a “magic of the mind” favorite in New York City is probably one of the top conjurers – but losing out on bookings based on the desire of his audience wanting to go to a theme park instead, is a blow to his ego.

Wishing a Magician Well

We hope Marketer Magician feels less traumatized by all this soon. Nothing reading a Harry Potter book can’t solve to make you feel better.