Marketing Harry Potter

Even Harry Benefits from Good Marketing

“Harry Potter Fan Club NYC” is among the most popular of the unofficial clubs. This is due in part to the new Harry Potter lore that we are always supplying to fans, but it is also because we have good marketing.

It’s Good to Have Friends

How do we have good marketing? Because we work closely with organizations like the Entertainment Entrepreneurship and “How to Get New Customers.” That’s just how passionate we are about Potter. We actually enlist the assistance of those who know how to promote better than we do.

Potter, Though, Doesn’t Really Need Our Help

Of course, it isn’t as though that Harry Potter needs anymore promotion. Here’s what one News entity had to say about it in their article entitled The Harry Potter Effect:

“One reason why it is a phenomenon is because it could take them through so much of their lives in a way most other books for children and young people can’t. “In every book [the characters] become a bit more mature, the problems become a bit more complicated.”

SpaceMan Speaks:

“As the “SpaceMan” of this, the Harry Potter Fan Club NYC, I can say that the Harry Potter books have impacted me in a very specific and personal manner. You see, my daughter is growing up with the books in just the same manner as described in “The Potter Effect.” She identifies greatly with the series and it brings her great joy which makes me happy. She also helps me a lot with this website.”

Wikipedia Chimes In

And according to Wikipedia, the Harry Potter series has been popular since the very beginning:

“Since the release of the first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, on 26 June 1997, the books have found immense popularity, critical acclaim and commercial success worldwide.”

And Thus the Promotion Continues

And thus, we’ll do our part in continuing to assist in nurturing the popularity of the books through our friends at Entertainment Entrepreneurship and “How to Get New Customers.”