Our Top 3 Favorite Harry Potter Fanclubs by Harry Potter Fanclub NYC

Certainly Mugglenet.com is the longest running for fans by fans Harry Potter Fan Club. Muggle Net has been in existence since 1999!

Prince would have been proud as seen in the song he wrote entitled 1999 as found on SongFacts:


“‘Cause they say two thousand zero zero
Party over, oops out of time
So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999″

Mugglenet.com is known for staying current with relevant articles like the one by Shannon Jade that talks about how J.K. Rowling backs a new brand initiative for emerging crime writers.

Here’s an interesting snippet from that piece:

“The Killer Women Mentoring Scheme is a brand new initiative designed to support emerging female crime writers from BAME (Black, Asian, and minority ethnic) and working-class backgrounds. The scheme, which will offer mentorship, workshop and possible publication opportunities, has been backed by one of the most loved writers in the crime genre: J.K Rowling, otherwise known under her crime fiction alias, Robert Galbraith.”

2. Pottermore

Another Harry Potter site of interest is Pottermore at:

Pottermore has interesting tidbits like this Weasley Twins Quiz:

1. Harry Potter Fan Club NYC

Our own fan club here in New York City is one of our favorites also, as well it should be. Hey, if you don’t love yourself how will others love you? Our web URL contains where we are from in abbreviation as seen here:

We don’t update our content as often as Mugglenet but SpaceMan does a good job at keeping it interesting and real, such as the post you are reading right now that was curated by the SpaceMan himself!