A New Magical Direction

Harry Potter Fan Club NYC Welcomes Conurers to the Table
Harry Potter Fan Club NYC Welcomes Conjurors to the Table

Although this website has already been up for several years, it is a new and magical time for Harry Potter Fan Club NYC as we enhance our ability to communicate with fans all over the world, and dare we say, maybe even in another dimension. Yes, it is still me, SpaceMan, who is forging ahead with this H.P. incarnation. The Magic has never been stronger as we welcome new members like the Manhattan Magician himself. He is an actual prestidigitator who resides in NYC and makes magic on a regular basis at his blog. We at Harry Potter Fan Club NYC are finding now, more than ever, our connection to those who have selected illusion as being their vocation. This connection infuses Harry Potter fandom with a fresh new energy because no matter how long it’s been since the book series was completed, the Harry Potter mystique continues to be big business. Because when it comes to the Harry Potter franchise even when it is small it is big! For example, the third installment ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ was deemed to be the least successful one. Though, remarkably it still earned 90 million more than another famous movie – Twilight.

And speaking of big, it is a big agenda of many Harry Potter fans to join a fan club. But not all fans can attend in person as a member of Harry Potter Fan Club NYC via Lights Camera Read. Therefore we encourage you to start your own Harry Potter Fan Club. If you would like to do this we encourage you to watch Melody Her Highness on YouTube. She has some great tips for doing this.